Ekaterini Hotel

Rhodes, Greece

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Covid-19 update 17/6/2020

We completely understand you interest and your concerns about how Ekaterini hotel is going to be like this summer.

We would like to first inform you that apart from the official “Health First” Greek state certification, we are in the process of obtaining a second certification from an overseas certified and qualified organisation. The safety measures we are applying are too many to mention here, as they are more than 20 pages long, but, briefly, they have to do with the quality of our drinking water, the pool, the distance of the tables and getting certifications even for the sterilization methods we will be applying to each surface. What will probably concern you the most, because it affects your everyday stay in our hotel is the cleaning process. Before your arrival, it will be cleaned with a special steam cleaner, and sterilizers, and it will remain vacant for 1 to 3 days, in accordance to both international cleaning protocols.

Linen and cloth changes, as well as cleaning will be routinely performed by us, after a week of stay. If a client has a need that won’t endanger the rest of the occupants, we might be able to arrange some exceptions. We require some cooperation from our clients in order for them to regularly get clean linen and towels, by putting their laundry in special closed bags, putting up the special sign and and letting them out of their door. The same goes for their room’s trash.

In our restaurant there will be a first-come-first-served priority order. As soon as everyone is seated on their tables in accordance to the minimum allowed distances, the client will get up and choose his meal behind the plexiglass, and take it without touching anything and without waiting in long queues.

In our bar and snack bar at noon the clients can be served by order without waiting. There is also a special contigency action plan in case of an outbreak, while all the clients will be measured with laser thermometers upon their arrival.

We really made a big effort and did our very best in order for you to have a safe and healthy stay and vacation. We really wish it was all up to us, due to the critical nature of the state at hand, your own help, especially in hygienic matters, is absolutely necessary.

Covid-19 update 3/4/2020

Dear friends,
Everybody from the Ekaterini Hotel staff would like to thank you for your continued preference and support that you’ve been showing us all those years, and especially now in those trying times that each of us are facing individually.

Let us not lose our optimism and our smile. Let us consider that each moment we spend with our families inside our homes is precious and memorable and let us put our health and the health of everyone around us first.

In the context of those trying times, we, as a Hotel would like to inform you that we have converted all of your bookings to 100% refundable, while we haven’t received any sort of pre-payment for our current reservations. Feel free to make any change you have to do for this year and the next one by sending us a message at

A lot of our friends are asking us what we believe about the current situation. The only thing that we can say is that *we hope*. Our new campaign “Book for a Hope” therefore reflects this new direction by giving you complete freedom up until the time you arrive on our hotel’s reception.

In the hope we will all one day overcome this and we will be able to receive the necessary certifications for the health and safety of our guest, we pledge to properly prepare for the day after:

• We will make all the proper arrangements so that your rooms remain dormant for at least three days before each arrival.
• We have equipped our hotel with special steam-cleaners in order to properly sterilize y our rooms and all common-use spaces.
• We made sure that there are enough antiseptics for all of our common-use spaces.
• We have equipped ourselves with special contactless thermometers so that we will be able to give you a quick and safe fever measurement upon your arrival.
• During periods where this is deemed necessary, we will increase our food-serving times in order to prevent crowding in our open-air restaurant.
• We have registered ourselves to a specialized cleaning and sterilization service in case this becomes necessary.
• We stay informed and up to date with all news and necessary measures concerning your own and our own health and safety.

The moment where we will all be together again will be an incredibly special one, as it will mark the dawn of a new era.

Until then, please stay safe and stay healthy.