Ekaterini Hotel

Rhodes, Greece

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Covid-19 Protection

Our security measures concerning the COVID-19 virus:

1. Guests that have reservations from countries where a pandemic state was announced are required to have a health condition certification two weeks prior to their arrival. In case the reservation needs to be cancelled due to health reasons, the cancellation fee will be free.
2. All of our commonly shared spaces will have hand antiseptic lotion containers, while your fever is going to be measured using special contactless thermometers during your reception at our hotel.
3. All of our rooms will have hand antiseptic lotion containers, while remote controls and other commonly used devices will be sterilized regularly.
4. If a guest needs for any reason to put on a medical mask, it will be provided for free at the hotel’s reception.
5. If a guest feels unwell during their stay at our hotel, they will be given a contactless fever measurement from our staff inside their room. Until a doctor arrives to assess their situation, they will be provided for and served in their room.
6. In periods where it’s deemed necessary, our meal serving times will increase, in order to avoid crowding in our open-air restaurant.
7. Other than the aforementioned measures we are willing to take for your own health and safety, it’s more important for you to understand and follow international hygiene and health laws during your travels here. This will make sure all of us make it out of this situation safe and healthy.